Toma István - Welcome to the Aiud Crew

Toma István is the newest member of the Aiud Crew. He is a good BMX rider from Cluj Napoca, and we look forward to riding with him.

Lőrincz Péter takes 6th place at Transylvanian Rippers 2013!

The Aiud Crew was in Cluj Napoca at the 2nd edition of the Transylvanian Rippers, extreme sports contest. Lőrincz Péter managed to land some awesome new tricks and to get the 6th place.

Turzai Tamás wins Special Prize with HUGE Seatgrab Barspin!

Turzai Tamás landed a 6 meter seatgrab barspin on a dirt jump at the contest at Gurasada Park and won the Special Prize, along wiht 100 RON. Congrats Tamás!

Awesome line on the quarterpipe

A pretty nice combo of tricks by Lőrincz Péter on the newly built quarterpipe.

Building quarterpipe

In the last few days we have been building a quarterpipe in Lőrincz Péter's court. We have now finished it. Expect big things on it :D

András Milán dropping the 360 barspin

Our crew member András Milán has been trying some 360 barspin and he finally landed one succesfully. We look forward to seeing great things from him. :D